Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shower Scenes

While my finger has been healing from surgery (a couple of weeks ago), C has been helping me with showering as I've only got one usable hand (the other having a couple of Wal-Mart plastic bags and a rubber band over it).  Today, one of our fascinating conversations went mostly like this:

(C is scrubbing me down) 

C: (in a drawling Southern Accent - think "old South") "Well, I do declare Miss, I think you have the cleanest breasts in Dixie County!"

Me: "I'm going to write that in my blog today!"

C: "No!  Don't do that!"

Me: "Why not?"

C: "I don't want everyone knowing my secrets...them stealing my thunder!  I'm an enigma, I'm a mysterious enigma of mysteriousness and I like it that way."

Me: "Okay...well, at least it's not like I'm Twittering this!"

C: "Twitter is stupid."

Me: "It's pretty funny, actually.  k.d. lang keeps posting that she's every one's Daddy."

C: "Where, on Twitter?  She's who's Daddy?"

Me: "She keeps saying, "Who's your Daddy!" At least I'm not saying that to you!  Do you want me to be your Daddy?"

C: "No...I don't like it when lesbians call themselves "Daddy", it's kind of creepy."

Me: "There's also the whole "Mommy" thing."

C: "'Mommy' thing? What, those are the femme women?  Of course, k.d. would so be a top."

Me: "Ya, kind of, people who like "Mommy's" are into's kind of part of the whole BDSM community, in a way - an offshoot in some cases, I suppose."

C: "Huh. Well, you're not a're a Captain!  You're the Captain of the Dykes."

Me: "I am?  Nice!"

((note - I am also a huge gay boy, and most all my friends would attest to this))

C: (in her best gay boy accent) "No, honey, you're the Captain of the USS Queen!"

We both crack up at each ask other people have such random discussions with their partners while showering?  I sure hope so, because it does keep me in a rather good mood!


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