Saturday, June 25, 2011


For some listening enjoyment, for a few minutes...nice background music on the topic.

It's raining today - this is the second day in a row we've gotten a little bit of rain.  That is a small miracle.  I was beginning to think I was transported to Arizona with humidity there, for awhile - everything has to be watered when it's like this (if you want it to NOT die, that is, including yourself).  It's nice, refreshing to have a little rain.

The area we live in keeps our car almost white with dust.  Our street gets grated every month or two.  It's very quiet out here when it rains...I like that.  Rain stops the 4-wheelers in their tracks.  The critters (squirrels, birds) are so happy it's raining they are staying out in it to forage.

This song, it reminds me of the solitude I'd feel in the cold rain in Oregon.  It's nice I can get that feeling back every once in awhile, almost on command.  This band, Concrete Blonde, is truly an all time favorite...and, they invoke a lot of memories for me.



  1. that was an ace track! you know, all that dryhot and dusty climate might be caused by a phenominah known as chemtrails.

    have a google if yo've never heard of em.

    in regards your post, two earlier, portland (used to) sound like a cool and farout place. that neighbourhood of yours sounds like something straight from a john waters picture, and that band name, 'the cunts' - what a class fucking name for a band! what sort of music did they do, (if the names anyhing to go by i could guess, though - mellow electronica, right?!)

  2. -Hey Danny, The Cunts were hardcore dyke punk! They were awesome! LOL Lizzy Black was always clad in black, with long black hair, and a wicked feel about her - simply awesome. I'll check out chemtrails - I personally think we have major climate issues - it's not dry in the sense of desert (it's insanely humid), but it's been dry in the drought sense, which is worrisome for a state that borders the water on 3 sides and has tons of water in it.

    Portland is a wonderful place...well,'s still got good points, but not nearly as cool as it was when I was living there and growing up (of course, my folks would tell you/would have told you that it was better when they were growing up, LOL).

    John Waters neighborhood - absofuckinglutely!!!!