Thursday, June 23, 2011

L.A. and hair, baby!

I cannot believe I let CE do this to me, but I did (that's B in the background, btw, in his amazingly late 80's coiffed hair and outfit - trust me, the belt was a skinny patent leather belt with some lizard raising on it, and shoes to match the times - ya, he was trendy).

This is me, but if you know me now, you'd probably never recognize this as me (unless you really know me well, LOL)...let's put it this way, if you saw me on the street today, and this picture was what you had in your head?  Ya, not so much.

Anyway, I was thinking to myself, "why in the world am I so fixated on writing about Los Angeles and my time there?"  I think, aside from what I've already written, it's definitely because of the change I experienced while there - inside and out.  This picture does not define how I looked at all, but it shows I was trying different things out...oh, I should dig up the picture of what I let TL do to me - that's even more amusing (and Robert Palmer back up singer-ish).  I'll write about that one another time, but, for now, enjoy the pic, and know that the grimace on my face is pretty accurate to how I felt about this "change" CE did.  She, by the way, was thrilled with the, not so much.  Though, I will admit this hair style kind of reminds me of some Julie Cypher pics I've seen in the past (that's Melissa Etheridge's ex, for those of you not in the loop about lesbian icons).  LOL  Yep, that hair was definitely late 80's.  

I actually went out in public like this, to a straight club, too.  Oh, the horrors!


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