Monday, June 27, 2011

The breakfast of Champions!

Short entry, as we have a lot to do today (namely, aside from a lot of business/work stuff, going to the doc about an hour away and hopefully getting 1) answers and 2) stitches out!).

Last night we had a lovely dinner of sauteed chicken breast over low-carb pasta with a from scratch Alfredo sauce, simply delicious; also a large salad (Caesar dressing, cheese, black olives, lettuce, low-carb garlic cracker things crunched into little tiny croutons).

After dinner, we decided to play some more cards, and drink a bottle of lovely wine that friends brought us from Missouri when they were visiting - excellent.  The background started out as "8-Track" on XM and then moved to "The Acoustic Storm" on our local 70's Rock station.  A small glass of cinnamon Bourbon finished off the night.  

No hang-overs this morning, just us up and ready to go...and, we seriously decided on breakfast as if we were 10 year old latch-key kids left to their own devices.  I give you, our meal:
I'm responsible for the "bologna boats" with extra sharp cheese, C made the low-carb tortilla's with cinnamon and Splenda, and the deviled eggs yesterday.  That's also iced-coffee.  Oh ya, 10 year old's on a caffeine high, here we go!!!



  1. I am new to your blog and I am doubled over with the "Latch Key Kid" breakfast menu. (Personally, I would have put the deviled eggs on top of the bologna boats and then made booby jokes for like a half an hour, but that is just me.)

    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Omgrrrl - OMG, I'm surprised that C didn't do that with the deviled eggs! ;-) I think we were just too hungry. LOL