Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's very, very strange to sit here and wonder..."now what should I do?"...I could go out on the beach, I could watch the Rays game, I could listen to the game while sitting on the balcony, sipping a Bourbon and C.Zero, I could type more, I could read, I could try to write (trying has never been my style, it generally flows when it wants - no shut off valve).  I could go to Georgie's and watch the game and get something to eat, but I'm not really that hungry (and have a Bourbon there)...

It's beautiful out today, and I could go sit in the hot tub, and pool...but, it's so sunny, and I've already burnt very slightly (I recognized the sting when I got into the hot tub yesterday).  Don't' want to burn, and looking at my skin it looks dried out...guess I should keep drinking this water.

I go home tomorrow - back to the house, with my "other half", 2.5 acres in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, 4 furry children and a frog child, and a business.  Typically, we're rather board up there, and today I'm feeling it here...must be because, honestly, I'm left to my own devices.

It's amazing how we need things to entertain us all the keep us pre-occupied.  I'm quite happy doing nothing, but if I have too much of it then I start to get antsy.  Why is that?  It rather drives me bonkers.

I'd actually like to go bowling, go to a movie, have a conversation with someone that is more than "please, thank you, good morning." - That's all I've said pretty much since I've been here since Tuesday, after check-in.  Oh, but I have talked to C on the phone, and that's been nice.  It's good to hear a familiar voice.

I was supposed to meet up with a friend for lunch today or tomorrow, but as usual that got cancelled (seems whenever we try to meet up, even when we lived here, it was like that...schedules are ridiculous).  I cancelled on another friend as I thought I'd be meeting up with the first...should have planned that differently, I suppose.

Regardless, I need to just enjoy what little time I have left here, as it's slipping away from me quite quickly.

Guess I'll go entertain myself with the freedom that I have right now - I know I need to enjoy it, but sometimes it's difficult to enjoy the luxury you're given until you realize you no longer have it.



  1. a friend was talking about having some friends visiting, they wanted to go shopping with his other half, he detests shopping so declined. He then spent the day regretting it as he was "bored"... Maybe it is just me but I love time on my own where I set the agenda and actions and I always seem to have stuff to do... yesterday I had a day off work and I did loads!

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