Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Had a bit too much bourbon last night (actually, not really, it was the Tequila I insisted on adding to the bourbon that did me in, I think)...but, got up late, which was nice.  Did some walking, fed the kitties, did a bunch of tweeting (junkie, yes), and now I'm in front of the computer at almost 11:30 ready to start some work today.

C hasn't given me much of a chance to miss her - she and I talked on the phone last night, and again this morning (I sent her a picture that she needed some clarification on, LOL). It's okay, though, it's actually calm today and it's nice not having anyone here.

SisterFromAnotherMister might come up tomorrow (or tonight) and spend the day - not sure yet.  She's got some opportunities on the horizon for work and doesn't want to miss out on anything by coming up for an extended stay next week, and I personally don't blame her.  She's had two interviews thus far already this week, and her last day of work was technically on Sunday!  She's paid up from the company through the end of June, I believe, so she'd be fine, regardless - a job now would be a bonus (especially considering she's due in August).  Now I just have to wait for her to call - which she can be quite poor at in regards to things that I'm waiting to hear on...I hate that.

I've gotten C addicted to the Hunger Games book (I'm on the second book, now) - that's good - it's an excellent read that sucks you right in...I won't go into the fact that it mirrors what I think our country is headed towards in the future.  That's for another blog/discussion.

Thinking I may post some of my old writing up here - maybe that will help get me back into the groove.


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