Sunday, May 20, 2012


I wonder if anyone remembers the band BlahzayBlahzay, except for me?  Surely, someone must, shouldn't they?

Anyway, that's not what I'm writing about...I'm not even sure what I am writing about today, except that I woke up in a fine mood, went out to pick up some breakfast at the behest of the lovely C and returned in a rather somber mood.  Listened to k.d. lang & the SissBoomBang, which shouldn't put me in a funk, but maybe it made me a bit melancholy...

Speaking of, going to see her and band a week from today, and very excited about that.  Hard Rock Live, should be quite fantastic.

I think I'm starting to feel my "age"...wondering what I'm doing with my life, wondering if I'm doing enough with what I have...if I could be doing more, if I'll be around in 10 years to still be wondering.

I've never been out of the country except to Canada.  I don't have a passport.  I feel like I'm not completing things, and I don't know why, really.  I think that levity is starting to set in...or, maybe it's seeping out.  I'm not really sure.

Yesterday we went to Cedar Key and met a lovely young man (22), who we've exchanged digits with and hope to meet up with while he's in state for the summer (he lives a good state away).  Quite exciting to meet someone so nice and even keel, especially for such a young age.  It was obviously meant that we were to be there and so was he...and that's a nice thing the universe threw at us, and I'm quite happy about that.  It did lift the spirits.

I've met a few people on-line recently, at least one of which I wish were closer so that I could get to know said person a bit better...I feel a strong connection, but one that is...I don't know, familiar, I guess.  Things like that one shouldn't take for granted.

My trip in July has been fully postponed/cancelled.  Friend who I was supposed to go traveling with is ridiculously broke (even though she got some money, she managed to sink it all into other things, stopping herself from being able to take the planned trip)...she's terrible with money, she can't save for anything even if her life depended on it (this I know after watching her for over 5 years).  I guess I should have known this would fall apart, but at least I tried.

I'm now trying to get something together with another good friend of mine for the fall - and if that doesn't pan out then I say fuck it and I'll just go out there by myself (to New Orleans) and enjoy that aspect of my life!  C would come, but we have to have someone here to watch the critters...and I'd actually like to go there for our vacation in September, but I think that would be a bit too crazy for her as she's looking for a "peaceful" trip with me.  Hmmmm...

I need to get a passport.


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