Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guess I've been slacking...

Actually, I've been mentally swamped.  LOTS going on...little to no time off during the week, brain is fried, and just got a call last night that a close friend most likely, 99.9998%, has late stage 3, or stage 4 Throat Cancer.  This is something she's been trying to get diagnosed for TWO YEARS - gotta love the V.A. Hospital...Government ran, and this is how they take care of their Vets.  Ya...honestly, while I think we DO need some assistance with health care, if this is what health care would look like if the Government ran it all, we'd all be, I guess I'll keep taking my chances with no money and crappy insurance and be grateful I have something, which is more than nothing.

This is what my brain has looked like...I have no clue what this is - I just randomly made it - out of specific types of parts.  I ran out of one type of part to make it bigger...guess I should buy some more.



  1. Your "brain sculpture" reminds me of Dr. Seuss and Dr. Seuss always makes me smile.....

  2. That is the awesomest comment I think I've ever gotten!