Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is it about the 27th year?

I often find myself thinking while I'm working...which I do from home, sitting here in front of the computer, pondering.

Winehouse is the latest, Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix, Cobain, blues artist Robert Johnson, Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones...the list goes on and on and on...what is it about the age 27?

There has to be some major shift when you hit 27 that makes things like this happen...there just has to be.  Think about when you were 27, did something major happen, or right around that time-frame?

C moved in with me 2 months before her 27th birthday, moving to FL from WI, and we'd never met in person.  We're still together almost 5 years later.

I got together with my ex, of almost 10 years, when I was 27 and proceeded to buy my first house and settle down.  The house is still in my name, btw, even though I'm not living in it and have no financial obligation to it anymore (love these stupid banks).  Same said ex left me right after her 27th birthday...

It's strange, to me, that so many major events happen around the age of 27.  Does anyone else out there have this same experience?  If so, please share!



  1. Seriously.. I know what you mean. I've had that same thought. I moved from Florida to Michigan at 27.. and went back to school. Something about that year.. whether intentional or not.. seems to cause major events. Strange.

  2. I had to use a calculator to figure out what year it was when I turned 27. Then I had to use the mental calculator to figure out that I got married that year. It.....didn't work out but I have a helluva a kid because of it. And I am very curious what will happen in *his* life when he turns 27. Pretty sure it will be epic. In a good way.

  3. Hm, sort of. I finally graduated undergrad that year (took me 8 years), but then I was stuck in not knowing what to do next. I think I moved states again (didn't work out) and made the decision to become a teacher instead of a doctor. So I guess that was a big deal, as it lasted for over a decade.

  4. Astrologically speaking, age 27 or 28 is when Saturn returns to the place it was in your chart at birth, it's your Saturn Return, and it's supposed to signify the shaking off of all the baggage you've been handed and have carried with you since childhood, as you excavate your true self. It's a major "thing" astrologically speaking, and anecdotally at least, it seems to hold true in the lives of those around me. So i find this post fascinating, even though i am only an amateur who never outgrew the "what's your sign" phase of adolescence. i studied this stuff for a while, not so much anymore.

    AA thanks for clicking the follow button on my blog! looking forward to exploring more here.

  5. When you're 27, you live your 10,000th day.

    Nothing too eventful for me. Got in trouble with the family which was awful, had a friend live with us, those were the only things that were different far as generally what goes on.