Sunday, July 10, 2011

What did we do to the company car?

The company car, Portland, Oregon, circa 1990-1991.  TL and I decided that it would be fun to give MY companies car the "Maxi Seal of Approval", and so we did.  We took a picture with their letterhead and then moved the approval to the passenger's side door.  Poor Ben, the guy who looked like Emilio Estevez (with a paunch and beard, and wife) who ran errands for the company was driving around all day long like that.  He confided in me that he thought "Brett did it" (one of the company Traders).  He was livid with Brett for years...until I told him after I quit to work for a competitor in 1992, that it was I who did it (and a friend) a year or two earlier.  Poooooor Ben, he was such a sweet guy.  His wife, btw, looked like Demi Moore.  They were quite a cute couple.  Ben forgave me, and chuckled about it...TL and I always got ourselves into some crazy ideas and followed them through.


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