Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Venting, again...

I'm not sure why your presence has me at odds with myself...

There should be no reason for this that I can think of - other than I'm lonely.  I like having friends...and like having people I know WHERE I stand with, and with you, I have no clue.  Your cordial enough, and I appreciate that, but it feels a bit forced.

I pick up on these things, I always have. 

I think I got too close, and you shut the door - that's fine, but I wish you'd make it a bit more obvious instead of cracking the door open every so often to see if I'm still around.



I think I need to take some time off from that which frustrates me.  I know I need some time to myself to ponder, think, reflect.  How do I ask for it, take it?  That is the question.

Maybe I'm doing just that right now?

Maybe I should just walk away from the door.


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