Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Somebody bring me some water...

Man, I just cannot even explain how much more emotion I'm feeling being off those damned drugs!  It's crazy!!!  Music that used to affect me intensely back 20 years ago is now again making me feel.  It's's actually fucking wonderful!  So amazing that I have to cuss all over the place about it.

Listening to Etheridge, thus the title.  Ahhhhhh....!

It's nice to feel emotions again.  I'm just having to re-learn how to balance them...but, for now, I'm kind of enjoying the minor highs from it.  Yes, this is a good thing.  This makes me think of people who are manic - in that society has pretty much told us all that if we're not completely "even keeled" there's something wrong with us.  No wonder kids are into the crap they're into these days - you push them down and drug them up enough and it's like a mental prison, of course they want to break out even more.


Another rant for another day.


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